The wedding ceremony is the most important part of your big day. It’s the whole reason your family and friends have gathered together, and it marks the beginning of your happily ever after!

The ceremony is also the first place you get to show off your wedding style and theme. Here are a few pictures to help inspire you while designing your ceremony decor.
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Line your aisle with an elaborate display of petals.

Hang mason jars with ribbon to create a sweet flower arrangement for your aisle.

An alternative to flowers: line your aisle with a cluster of fresh apples.

Line the edges of your aisle with flower petals in your wedding colors.

Place two elaborate arrangements at the back of your aisle to welcome you and your bridal party to the ceremony.

Line the aisle with shepherds hooks & hanging flower arrangements.

For a rustic or vintage wedding, tie ribbon, burlap and baby’s breath to the back of your aisle chairs.

To keep costs down on flowers, decorate your aisle with paper pom poms and lanterns.

Hang childhood pictures of the bride and groom on the inside of the aisle for a fun walk down memory lane.

For a rustic themed wedding, line the aisle with wood stumps & flower arrangements wrapped in burlap.

For a beautiful fall wedding, place shepherds hooks on the inside of your aisle, decorated with mini pumpkins & wild branches.

Tie a ribbon at the back of your chairs to keep guests from walking up the aisle.

Tie coordinating ribbons on the inside of the aisle and scatter petals in your wedding colors. 
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We love seeing each bride’s creative ideas for her wedding. What fun ideas have you seen for ceremony decor?