I was sitting at home the other day flipping through a J.Crew magazine when I came across their bridal section. I knew they started offereing bridal dresses a few years back but I had no idea of their selection. I couldn’t believe all of the cute wedding dresses in the magazine but they also pictured beautiful bridemaids dresses in an array of styles. We see alot of gorgeous bridesmaids dresses around here but most of them are quite formal. Formal is great for standing next to the bride in a wedding but it would be hard to find another occasion to wear such a long, flowy gown again (cut to the scene in 27 Dresses where Katherine Heigel’s character is drowning in an entire closet stuffed with dresses she will never wear again, No Thank You!) J.Crew offers a fun twist that your bridesmaids would be able to wear time and time again. Here are just a few options for a spring or summer wedding here in Arizona:
What about these for a winter wedding? Just add a cute cardigan to keep warm:
And here are a few of my favorites: These all come in an array of colors and sizes and would perfect for all your girls. Just imagine how much they would love you for having them wear something cute and stylish. Happy shopping ladies! Jennifer Sherwood Stonebridge Manor