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  In the days of 2016, couples are choosing to ditch the traditional ceremony reveal to share a private moment or two with just each other before they officially seal the deal. The so called “First Look” is the intimate moment between a couple when they see each other for the first time on their wedding day. That moment is truly magical, filled with raw emotion and heartwarming embraces. For those brides-to-be that are on the fence about a First Look, never fear! We have outlined some of the wonderful reasons why the First Look is our favorite!
Connor & Caitlin First Look B&W
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  • Allows for more time after your ceremony to capture amazing romantic photos
  • Additional opportunities to capture family photos prior to the ceremony so you’re not rushing your post-ceremony photography schedule to make it to your reception on time
  • Relieves nerves and helps from not becoming a blubbering mess in front of your guests during the ceremony (waterproof mascara ladies!)
  • Your hair and makeup will be fresh and photo-ready
  • The perfect opportunity for a private exchange of words before you are a married couple, perhaps hand-written love letters you read aloud to each other
  We must admit that we love First Looks because, well, just look at these amazing photos! Cue the water works! *happy tears*
Caitlin & Connor First Look
Lockie Photography
  Pure sweetness!  
Connor & Caitlin First Look
Lockie Photography
Brittney & Ryan First Look
Courtney Lively Photography
If you still prefer a ceremony reveal with your sweetie, how about sharing a first look with your father, mother, or any other special humans in your life. Your wedding day is a day to not only celebrate the love you have found, but to also celebrate the love from your family that has always been with you. There are so many wonderful, private locations on the Stonebridge Manor property to sneak away to. The choice is yours!
Demin & Dad First Look
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