Pantone recently announced “Greenery” as its 2017 Color of the Year!

Pantone, in short, refers to the Pantone Color Institute and considers itself to be the “global color authority” for all things design from paint colors, fashion, wedding, and interior design. We anticipate seeing a lot of the of “Greenery” as well as other shades of green in 2017! Greenery will also be a main element in wedding floral design.

In nutshell, greenery will be EVERYWHERE and we are not complaining!


So, what does this mean for you as a bride? Um, pretty much everything! Incorporating greenery into your wedding color scheme is a perfect way to tie in lush pieces without busting your budget.  Whether you’re looking to create a romantic garden wedding with bouquets made with cascading greenery, to guest tables dressed in various shades of green, to bridesmaids dresses, green will be a refreshing color palette of the Spring 2017 Season and will likely flow over into the Fall 2017 Season too.

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Our curiosity peaked on what inspired this year’s color selection.  The color green is known to represent a renewed, refreshed, rejuvenated, or simply stated, fresh start. Green is also known to be a color that connects us with nature and a sense of hope. What better way to celebrate a spring garden wedding (or union of love) than with a hue that symbolizes a reconnection with nature?

At Stonebridge Manor, we offer a 4+ acre manicured estate of natural greenery, lush GREEN grass, and gardens all around. We are so excited to be perfectly suited for the color of the year!

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How can you incorporate the 2017 Color of Year into your special day? We’ve dreamed up a few ideas for greenery for you to run with & make uniquely your own!
  1. If you’re a bride on a budget, all greenery bouquets and greenery for your centerpieces will be more budget-friendly than fresh flowers. Bringing the natural hues of greens from nature to your wedding florals will be a stunning element. This look still works beautifully with pops of flowers and color, so do not shy away from using some of your favorite colors. It’s your wedding after all!

2. Table linens are a great way to include greenery. You can go with a crisp clean white linen with greenery complementing your centerpieces. For more shades of green, consider using green linen napkins, or go all out with green table linens!

3. Your invitations establish the brand of your wedding day.  Considering an invitation style that incorporates green in the font and/or with leafy greenery design.

4.  Bridesmaids dresses traditionally are a big statement piece for your wedding day color palette. Select your favorite shades of green! There are gorgeous shades available from sage, celadon, to emerald.  Although “Greenery” with its yellow tint is the Color of the Year, you can think outside of the box and incorporate other shades of green as well.

5.  Cake cake cake! A great way to showcase greenery is your cake. Options are endless with your cake, from a simple elegant white frosted cake adorned with garden greenery to more dramatic statement cakes utilizing shades of tinted green frosting.

We are quite excited about this trending color and look forward to seeing how our wonderful couples use this color and design concept in their wedding!

It turns out it is easy being green. 😉