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In preparation for the big day, invitations are one of the most important details you do not want to overlook! Here are a few must-include items for your wedding invitations! 

1.Day, date, and time.

While a seemingly obvious detail, be sure to check, and double check your time sensitive information before the invitations go to print! Did you have a set ceremony time with your venue included in your contract when you booked? Make sure all the information is the same!  Make sure to include all vital info without confusing your guests! At the end of the day, your guests will most likely have questions about the details of your wedding. The more information you can provide up front with the invitations, the less time you will have to spend answering those questions. 

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2. Wedding Venue.

Does your wedding location have two, exclusive venues on the property (i.e. Stonebridge Manor!) In that case, specify which of the two venues your wedding will take place in so guests end up in the right spot (i.e. “Manor Courtyard at Stonebridge Manor”). If you are having a Church Ceremony with an Off-site Reception make sure to include the necessary details as well. Is there complimentary transportation provided? What time will you be changing locations? Laying out the flow of the day with the invitations sets the tone for the big day and helps the big day flow smoothly!

3. Please RSVP.

You plan on providing a decadent meal and equally delicious cake for you & your guests’ enjoyment.  Thus, you need to know who is actually attending so you can plan around a proper guest count! After all who wants to pay for meals for guests that are not coming? Not I. We recommend requesting your guests to RSVP by a date that’s within a 5 to 6 week window prior to your wedding. At Stonebridge Manor, you’ll want to know your final guest count by your Final Consultation with your Event Director approximately one month before your wedding.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.41.54 AM4. Map of the area.

We have a PDF version of directions to Stonebridge Manor that we’d love to pass along to you! We have found that it’s immensely helpful to include in your invitations for those guests who may not know exactly where in the valley we are located! You may contact any of our Event Directors and we would be happy to send that over to you! 

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