We are privileged to host 200+ events on our property a year. Weddings now-a-days are filled with personality and charm. There isn’t as much emphasis on “tradition” as there is on making the day your own. One way to show your flare (figuratively!) is to incorporate lanterns. Below you’ll see three very different weddings all using lanterns. We can get any color under the sun and enhance any theme you have. Our current lantern package is $250 for 24 lanterns in the pavilion. Such a beautiful and striking detail!
Lovely Lantern IdeasLovely Lantern Ideas Lovely Lantern Ideas
While preparing for this post I came across the coolest idea ever! Now that I have your attention……..this is not an option at Stonebridge (literally)!!! We can’t be starting any forest fires here in the desert!
They are called Sky Lanterns. I’ll let Wikipedia tell you more: “Sky lanterns, also known as Kongming Lantern are airborne paper lanterns traditionally found in some Asian cultures. They are constructed from oiled rice paper on a bamboo frame, and contain a small candle or fuel cell composed of a waxy flammable material. When lit, the flame heats the air inside the lantern, thus lowering its density causing the lantern to rise into the air. The sky lantern is only airborne for as long as the flame stays alight, after which the lantern floats back to the ground. The local folk in Asia believe that as the Sky Lantern rises, it takes away their troubles and brings them good luck and fortune in the future. It is a promise of a good year ahead.” Check this out!
Lovely Lantern Ideas How amazing is that?! I’m no Sky Lantern expert but I would guess that if Arizona doesn’t love Sparklers and Fireworks to honor our country….they probably won’t love hundreds of mini hot-air balloons filling the sky in celebration of a wedding! Needless to say, if you are not getting married in the Valley of the Sun, you should do this!!Until next time, Lia Joy