Not to sound like a granny or anything, but it does seem like ‘these days’ we’re consumed with so much imagery. Our minds are constantly being entertained by photos of friends on Facebook/Instagram, by movies and TV taking on the 3D arena to our living rooms, and clearly…by the phenomenal inspiration of Pinterest!! imgres First, please know, we LOVE when a bride comes to an appointment with specific ‘pins’ or pictures of things that are a sturdy inspiration for their wedding. Things like menu cards, centerpiece ideas, bridesmaid gown options, and whatnot. That being said, we want to wrap a little {itty bitty} amount of caution tape around the Pinterest scene. Why the caution tape, you ask? Imagery overload and a whirlwind of confusion as it relates to the direction you want your wedding to go. There’s a ‘Baskin Robbins’ of selections out there, and therefore people are coming in wanting every theme, aesthetic, and texture…and all it does is leave them confused and frustrated. We’d be happy to accommodate the full Pinterest assortment, however…it’s your peace of mind we’re looking out for here. For your own safety by way of having a clear point of view, we feel ‘less is more.’ Find a few photos that you want to inspire your wedding around. We guarantee your message will be much more consistent and apparent to your guests! And all the while…put you at ease 🙂 Happy & Safe Pinning Everyone!