Chong and Tyler had an elegant wedding in our Manor Courtyard this past March. The two of them had a fine eye for style and wanted to make sure that their wedding was first class. Boy was it. Check out the images from Courtney Lively Photography… You can drown in the ‘pretty’ there’s so much of it. i-ZLwMcST-Si-JxTdRK2-S i-xhMjz76-S i-wQ95tCP-S i-WdJDrsh-Si-r2vJPrz-Si-G6vZfqp-Si-LQTwqvg-Si-pWmFhHZ-Si-J5WdTQ9-Si-CL6CSXT-Si-gmCGWVD-Si-qK2TCLg-Si-TdntgrK-S i-PfDL5pJ-Si-KFJFxs4-Si-PDzp4Qx-S i-GFhkzT3-Si-GdNpmXq-Si-G8KZpCg-Si-nz2r5CS-Si-4S7C4m3-Si-FWCgWVP-Si-jPbtqth-S i-5gK2w3W-Si-R34PKcc-Si-tgPcF83-S Dream Team? Creative Hands Cuisine, Piece of Cake Desserts, Jan Dekker Designs, MuscleMan Music, Courtney Lively Photography.