On the tour with Jaci and Zeb at Stonebridge Manor, Jaci looked up and said, “Yes, this is it!” She knew exactly what she wanted. And honestly, her vision? So delightful… Just like she and Zeb- two delightful people. They had her guests’ best interest at heart and wanted their wedding to be simple, classy, and romantic. Boy oh boy did they succeed. Don’t you wish you were invited? We look at these images and just want to live in them. So lovely. Shout out to the always amazing Courtney Lively for capturing her beautiful winter wedding so well. Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-3Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-1Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-2Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-9   Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-5Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-29Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-27Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-18 Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-7Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-4Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-17 Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-30 Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-28 Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-25Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-15 Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-16 Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-31 (1) Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-14 Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-33 Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-32Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-34Courtney_Lively_Photography_JZ-31   Dream Team? Creative Hands Cuisine, Jan Dekker Designs, Mike with Mancini Entertainment, Piece of Cake, & Courtney Lively Photography. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Timmons!