Lauren and David had such precious details, but honestly, there was something about the people in and at this wedding. It’s very clear that they both have phenomenal family relationships just by going through their photos. And the kiddos at this wedding? Darling. Here are a handful of sweet photos that capture their February wedding here at Stonebridge Manor! 🙂 Congratulations Mr & Mrs Rosson! i-Sf2qMFF-XL-1i-XJJJgjp-Li-Nhs8s6V-XL 2i-K6vPcpf-XLi-Zc8GkGK-Si-TPDkSMK-S i-3tRTXFg-XLi-LzPd2SK-XL i-T2cJns2-XLi-SdjhCsm-Li-QGs6P4L-Si-CZm7ZgB-L i-gTLMJT6-XL-1i-pgDXt87-S i-6jJXCjt-Si-BP58xvV-S i-zSFh8fd-Si-gVJZdjK-S   i-LCRsnCk-S i-G286K9T-Si-KcRTxFF-Si-bWWqPnd-Si-4zwFSgm-S i-Sd2577Z-Si-cJhgZF6-Si-rmJS92V-Si-2btdDDX-Si-nczqph4-Si-GSK5cwm-Si-3jL9kjK-Si-V46JMDQ-Si-2S97mPb-Si-NB8LzpZ-Si-5xzJNbM-Si-wcp42ST-Si-XGgjh8X-Si-BSzx45G-Si-RrDNN4L-Si-FgcmVrk-Si-3wsXZ9H-Si-9rqrxSx-Si-vSQnB4w-S Dream team? Creative Hands Cuisine, Kevin with a Piece of Cake Desserts, Jason with Muscleman Music, Zuzus Petals, & Courtney Lively Photography.