Katie and Jeff are such a beautiful pair, right? Katie is just stunning, like, take your breath away beautiful. But the crazy thing is she’s just as beautiful on the inside. Folks say that phrase often, but really she is! She’s a teacher and such a kind, kind person! These two got married in our Garden Pavilion with our classic package and some upgrades. Congratulations to such a precious love, and beautiful family! We love you Katie & Jeff! mckaguei-2NWMbZx-S mckaguei-3z96wSf-S mckaguei-4qN36Nm-S mckaguei-4Qqsrd9-S mckaguei-5WLjs8Z-S mckaguei-66gcQJV-S mckaguei-83pK4BF-S mckaguei-BhntZSp-S mckaguei-cL79kqz-S mckaguei-cp6z3mJ-S mckaguei-dKFCjmG-S mckaguei-dqDftZh-S mckaguei-dVwPZ4j-S mckaguei-fJ38c4Z-S mckaguei-Fm7jgLZ-S mckaguei-FV79L8z-S mckaguei-GBjwCP7-S mckaguei-gZwt2qp-S mckaguei-H695xDK-S mckaguei-hDhNcsv-S mckaguei-hQvWXKn-S mckaguei-j22L82V-S mckaguei-LQQpnJx-S mckaguei-Lrt4L53-S mckaguei-MLsk38t-S mckaguei-mZnPN7M-S mckaguei-NBc3brq-S mckaguei-NHKQqXH-S mckaguei-NW3BzT4-S mckaguei-phMtRJt-S mckaguei-PThVr3G-S mckaguei-qdd7dC6-S mckaguei-RLFnrHn-S mckaguei-s3XxX4v-S mckaguei-s8wWLMP-S mckaguei-tjQ67wT-S mckaguei-ttJb9B2-S mckaguei-wpRpkWd-S mckaguei-WtSF4dv-S mckaguei-wwNsjDZ-S mckaguei-xD8xLzn-S mckaguei-ZjH5RrC-S Dream Team? Courtney Lively Photography, Piece of Cake Desserts, Muscle Man Music, Jan Dekker Designs, & Creative Hands Cuisine!