SomeECardRSVP   Your guests will get offended and think that this wedding is about themselves in someway. We fully understand that this is perhaps a big travel for them, or they may be gluten free, or handicap and therefore ultra concerned about ramp access. But, there are those guests that just don’t realize that they’re one person in the scope of hundreds! We’ve had some silly guests go as far as call ahead to see exactly what will be served when there wasn’t even a dietary restriction. The best thing you can do with your guests is be as clear as can be. What to put on the RSVP? green-rsvp   Number: Make sure it is clear how many seats you have reserved. Some people, regardless of whom the invitation is made out to, will write in themselves, their aunt susie, and their neighborhood friend. No bueno. Name: Also, write the name of the individuals you would like to attend. Some guests think to themselves, ‘well if Joe can’t go with me, I’ll bring my sister’ That’s just not going to fly. You don’t know her sister, and would likely not want to see her at your wedding? Just a guess. Anyway, write in the amount of seats AND write the names. Clear: Keep it clear with your guests, and consistent. If you don’t want any children at your wedding, put that on the invitation, but remember Aunt Susie might get sad when she sees your niece at the wedding. That’s okay. She’ll get over it. Let people down: You people pleasers, just know you’re going to let people down… and that’s okay, it’s for the benefit of actually getting what you and your fiance want! Just be okay with it! Laugh: Learn to laugh the drama off 🙂 It’s the best medicine. And great practice for marriage 😉 And there you have it 🙂