Save the date cards are a standard part of the wedding stationary today, but did you know that announcing  the engagement via post was not the original way to publicize the wedding?

Historically, one way of announcing the engagement dates back to the 12th century. In England, the traditional method for announcing a wedding was by “posting the banns”. This meant publishing the news at the local church for three Sundays in a row, with the purpose of allowing anyone to “speak now or forever hold their peace.”

Another way of announcing a newly engaged couple was by word of mouth.  Here’s an interesting fact: Initially, only the bride’s family could share the good news, so the groom couldn’t say a peep until after his fiancé’s family had made the announcement public.

Instead of these old methods, today brides mail out save the date cards.

We love seeing how creative brides can be when it comes to creating their own Save The Date cards. Oftentimes brides will design their announcements based on their wedding theme or colors. Sometimes it is designed based on something unique about the bride and groom. No matter how you design them, Save the Date cards are the perfect way to announce your engagement and get your family and friends excited for your big day.

What are you planning on doing for your save the date announcements?