Have you gone out to try on gowns yet? Do you feel like everyone is speaking a foreign language? And perhaps, it’s hard to even articulate what you want? We can break it down in three sections. laceapliedgown Top, bottom, and fabric! 1. Top- How do you want your top? There are several different options here. weddingdress   2. Bottom- This is a little trickier than deciding on your top. The question the ladies at the shop will ask is, where would you like your skirt to start? Mainly, does the skirt go out from… waistcode waistline   3. Fabric– What textiles do you love? And also, which textiles do you hate? Organza, lace, satin, chiffon, taffeta, and so many others! Here’s a quick look guide we found on Pinterest! weddingtextile     Happy Shopping! All of our sources are pinned on our Pinterest boards. We would love to give due credit but unfortunately the links we’re simply brought to the sole image.