Photo: Lockie Photography      Florals: Jan Dekker Designs
Your wedding is your brand. In the year 2016, brides and grooms are going the extra mile to brand the day they seal the deal with personalized touches galore! Is there any better way to share or celebrate your love story? Every love story is unique; two individuals coming together as one, each having had their own experiences along the way. The good, the bad, and everything in between is what writes this story and molds your “brand” as a couple. Thus, your wedding presents an opportunity to bring your unique brand to life and celebrate the story the two of you have written!  
Lockie Photography
  At first thought, you may think your brand is as simple as sharing (or agreeing on) color preferences and design styles (i.e Rustic, Modern, Vintage, Glam, Hipster, Traditional, etc). Realistically, your wedding brand is SO much more than just a custom logo or color scheme. Think about capturing the very essence of who you are as a couple: similar interests, fun adventures you have taken together, traditions you may have started throughout the years. Your wedding brand is one that captures the essence of who you are as a couple. Consider expressing your love and union through various details speaking to who you are!

To get you thinking about your brand, we have compiled a list of items to consider personalizing:

Custom Invitations

Wedding Programs


Guest Favors

Welcome/Sign-In Table



Cake Toppers

Music Selection

Color Palette


Guest Table Decor

…and so much more!

Lockie Photography
Leave your guests with unforgettable memories by establishing a brand that is woven throughout each and every aspect of the wedding! Experiencing a wedding that is personalized by the bride and groom is truly like stepping into their love story. It is easy to feel the love! If you’re still wondering, “What is our personal brand?” Stay tuned for next week’s blog titled “How To Brand Your Wedding.” We will dive deeper into the world of the branded wedding!