Wedding Planning Apps

Once we finished telling all of our family and friends how excited we were that we were going to marry the best person either of us had ever met, I got on the wedding apps and got to work! I downloaded 1) The Knot app and 2) the WeddingWire app. Both of them are wonderful in their own ways, so I’m going to be using both of them through the planning process!


I like The Knot app for their checklist that will show you to-do-list items in the order in which they probably need to happen. You can check things off and view the items that you’ve already completed, and this is incredibly gratifying. The Knot also publishes their checklist in The Knot magazine that you can find at local retailers like Barnes & Noble for $9.99.


I like the WeddingWire app for their guest list functions. I will admit it is a bit easier to log into your account on a computer to input all of your guests (grouped by family/household). Then, the WeddingWire app will also let you put different guests on different lists: Ceremony, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner, Bridal Shower, Engagement Party, etc. It also lets you do a mock seating chart and easily move people from one table to another and see what your arrangement will look like. This will be more useful to me when I start getting RSVPs from guests and once I have an idea of the venue’s space and table layout, but I look forward to using it more down the road.

Happy Planning!